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Staining is a wonderful way to change the look of any concrete surface. Staining doesnít change the physical characteristics of the surface, but it does change the color. Sometimes the sub-straight or surface is sound and still looks good, but it needs a change something to make is ďPOPĒ, staining is the way to go.


The original surface is made cleaned through varies means from pressure washing to acid etching to shot-blasting. After the surface is dry and clean the surrounding area is prepared for the process. It should be noted that this preparation process could go on for many days due its extreme importance to the longevity of the color and the quality of the end product.


Tyson's Inc. has many different product in which they use to apply the stain. Certain stains provide a different look, acid stain provides a non-uniformed colored surface with changes in colors throughout the surface after the stain has been applied a sealer is required to help maintain the quality and brilliance of the stain. It is suggested that the sealer be reapplied every 3-5 years depending on weather condition and where the are is located.

The other color method is concrete stain which changes the color of the concrete, but has a more uniformed color. However, through Tysonís Inc. innovation they have developed a way to obtain that non-uniform color through the use of just the concrete stain. The product that Tysonís Inc. uses is a self sealer so no additional sealing will be required. Again it is suggested that a new coat of color be reapplied every 3-8 years depending on weather conditions and where the area is located.

It should be noted that colors may not always match-up to color charts, much depends on the existing surface due to certain chemical reactions and the type of texture that the existing surface has. If the surface is not satisfactory Tysonís Inc. suggests that they supply a COATING first to ensure a good surface then a beautiful complimentary color.

Pricing starts at $3.50 and up a sq. foot *

Please go to our LINKS page and view our links concerning STAINING. In there you will find acid stain colors, concrete stain colors and much more.

* Price is based off of good sound surface, 1,000 sq. feet, and one color.


Acid stain, with decorative cut lines, and multiple colors.


Concrete stain with a decorative non-uniform finish


Concrete stain with a uniform color and a decorative edge.